EP5: The Easiest Swing in Golf

Spring has sprung and for many it signals the unofficial start of the golfing season. Plus with The Masters coming up followed closely by the US Open, it’s hard for golfers not to feel the lure of the fairways. 

For many golfers however, the fairways are also a place of immense frustration as they try to once again retool their swing to improve their game. STOCKTON understands and is here to help.

In this episode meet Brian Sparks, a leading golf instructor who teaches all over the world and brings his “Easiest Swing in Golf” method to you here and now.

Plus in Taking Stock, Dick looks at The Masters without four-time champ Tiger Woods in the field and also sounds off on the LPGA and why they should be embarrassed. 



  • Brian Sparks Posted April 4, 2017 10:58 pm

    Thanks Dick for the opportunity to get my message out to golfers around the world of an easier swing. To see the video go to YouTube and search for ‘easiest swing in golf’ and/or to purchase my book go to Amazon and search for ‘Positive Impact Golf.’

  • Ronald Owens Posted April 7, 2017 12:44 pm

    Thank you for the podcast. I’ve watched Brian on Youtube and read his book. Hearing the interview was almost like being there. It’s a great system/method of making a golf swing. The ball still gets in the way of the club and there’s a LOT less stress on the body, especially the back and knees.

  • Rick Reed Posted April 7, 2017 1:37 pm

    Hello Dick, Thank you for interviewing Brian on your podcast. I think Brian is simply brilliant. I worked with Brian last year and followed his teachings since. It seems as though he has really started a revolution in golf teaching, and I have watched it grow so much in the last year. All anyone has to say is just look at all the back injuries on tour, and that injury took out the best player in the game! I told Bryan last year if Tiger had worked with him, he would still be playing! Thanks again!

  • Amigopheasantkiller Posted April 7, 2017 6:11 pm

    Brian has been my coach for about three years. It is wonderful he has a voice like yours to help spread the word about his method. Everyone should check out Brian Sparks!

  • Colin Flint Posted April 12, 2017 10:22 am

    Some years ago, I very nearly gave up golf. Following a day with Brian I am pleased to say that it regenerated my love of the game and the people who play this game that we all love. Part of the day included being given a signed copy of his book and I have loaned the book to numerous friends and I believe we have all benefited from his method. I stll receive hi e-mails. After years of my handicap going up, I am now in my 70’s and it has started to come down again! Yes you can say I am a believer, but watch the video, read the book and try it. Here is hoping that you all start to enjoy your golf again.

  • Dan Bowers Posted April 20, 2017 5:37 pm

    Thank you Dick Stockton for telling your audience about Brian Sparks. Your story very much mirrors mine. I too blindly googled “Easiest Swing in Golf” just to see what would come up after I had reached reached my frustration level dealing with my swing and the physical pain it was giving me. After reading Brian’s book I enlisted his personal help with on-line lessons, and eventually flew over to England to take part in a 3-day course. This whole wonderful process began over 3 years ago, and I can personally attest that Brian is the real genuine article. He truly cares and gives of himself to help any golfer seeking to put enjoyment back in the game, and to help rid one of the painful outcomes–both physical & mental–that result when we let tension creep in and take over our easy, natural swing. Anyone looking for a gimmick-free way of swinging free & easy need not look any further than Brian Sparks. I bet he’ll put a smile back in your game, just like he did for me.

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