EP 10: The Goomba Podcast with Steve Schirripa

This week, Dick has a “sit down” with a bonafide “goomba”: Steve Schirripa, famously known as Tony Soprano’s brother-in-law Bobby “Bacala” Baccalieri, on The Sopranos.

Aside from that breakout role, Steve’s had a long and diverse career as an actor in film and television, as a voice-over talent, and as a producer. He’s also been a fill in host on NBC’s Today show and now he has a recurring role as a detective on the hit CBS TV show “Blue Bloods”.

If that’s not enough, Steve’s also a published author with six books to his credit including: “The Goomba’s Book of Love”, “The Goomba Diet: Large and Loving It”, and “A Goomba’s Guide to Life”.

Plus he recently launched a line of organic, vegan pasta sauces under the name “Uncle Steve’s Italian Specialties”.


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