Dick Stockton, one of the preeminent sports broadcasters, has had a unique front-row seat to the stories and major sporting events of our time. He has called the shots from the Olympics, World Series, NBA Finals and many historic sports moments for CBS, NBC, Fox and Turner.  He has interviewed and gotten to know the greats and other personalities in ways that transcend what the average fan sees and hears.

Now he takes his insider knowledge, opinions, storytelling and golden voice to the world of podcasting in his new weekly podcast series, “Stockton!”

Dick brings a thinking man’s depth to podcasting with humor and curiosity. Listeners will get a fresh perspective on core issues affecting sports, its fans, the teams, the athletes and even the weekend warriors.

Dick will offer listeners behind-the-scenes peeks of how broadcasts come together and share the microphone with writers and other broadcasters who cover the sports world. The podcast will take many formats – single or multiple topics and guests – and present stories and newsmakers from different angles never before probed in a public forum.

One rule is there is no rule.  Expect the unexpected as we explore sports on a new level, explore the human side of events, celebrities and experiences, and fulfill the Collisions mission of creating podcasts for curious people.